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  • Before any building work can be completed the designer will need to draw up plans and the structural design. They will complete a free initial survey and will take detailed measurements and discuss your needs for the space you are looking to convert. If you have already completed plans or want to use a different architect to complete the drawings, we will need to see a copy before starting any work.

  • The plans will be submitted to you for approval and when you are happy these will be sent to the planning/ building control department at the local council.

"The designer will complete a free initial survey, he will take detailed measurements and discuss your needs for the space you are looking to convert."

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  • We normally recommend that we obtain a CERTIFICATE OF LAWFULNESS before building work commences. This shows that the project complies and has been checked and approved by the council. Once we have this we then instruct the structural engineer to do his calculations and submit these to the building control. We recommend the use of our approved private building control companies. This part of the process can take a few weeks. The council could take a lot longer!

  • Once you have said 'yes' to Asset Design & Build, usually after we have taken you to one of our customers show homes or if preferred a project in process then within a couple of days the architectural designer (if required) will contact you and visit with you. He usually completes his drawings within a week for you to peruse and then uploads them to the council. Upon instruction of the survey, 50% of the design fee’s will be due, and upon uploading the finalised drawings to the council planning portal for submission, the remaining 50% will be due.

  • The council usually take approximately eight weeks. There is not much we can do at this stage apart from wait! Once we know everything is Lawful and the certificate of lawfulness is issued we can now instruct the structural surveyor to do his calculations etc. We then submit these for approval to the building control. This process can take up to 4 weeks.

  • The architectural process can on average take around 12 weeks before you can actually start the building work on your home.

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