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  • We are a well-established premium building company who only use quality tradesmen and materials. Asset Lofts is a local company that only undertake local projects and employ local skilled tradesmen. We also have an office based in Slough with administration staff and an architect. Many building companies do not have this standard of professionalism.


  • Member of Accreditus (The Better Business Group). They have stringent membership criteria and monitor all of our leads, even the ones we do not win. They then report back to us to see how we can improve our service. They will also do a free background check on any rival companies to see if they have anything detrimental. If you go elsewhere this can still be used as a free service.

  • We agreed to be bound by Accreditus’s Code of Conduct, which gives added protection to both the Customer and the Trader. In the unlikely event that a Client is unhappy with their work, the Code of Conduct provides a set procedure for resolving the dispute. The Accreditus Register is Independent in this process and will support whoever is found to be in the right.

  • We have also become a member of Which? Trusted trader. We were investigated by a trading standards officer for two hours who went through all our paperwork and spoke to 15 of our previous customers, they were very impressed and gave us good reviews. They thoroughly looked at our credit history and found both the director and company were of good standing.

  • Also a member of Check a trade/Trust a trader. Please read over our excellent reviews.

  • We use stage payments, paid in arrears for your peace of mind! We finance the build of the project, the only payment before the project is a small refundable deposit of 10%. After that you pay for the work as you see the progress in your home giving you peace of mind.

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  • Every project has a dedicated site manager who is on hand to answer questions, resolve any issues which may arise or help to plan any changes you deem necessary.

  • Building any conversion is an involved process and requires careful planning. Asset Lofts offer a unique service in that we will handle your whole project from design through planning and building to completion, we use only tried and trusted professionals and experienced personnel.

"We use stage payments, paid in arrears for your peace of mind!"
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