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“When we bought our 3 bed detached house in 2012, the plot looked ideal for expanding whether that be backwards, upwards or sideways. My pregnant wife and I had found the perfect home to grow our family. Our solicitor advised us the property was situated in a conservation area. ‘Yeh, yeh, we’ll be fine’. Little did we know the restrictions living in a conservation area would bring.

So we found a local architect on the web and he put us straight on what he thought was possible. Our preference was a 2 storey side extension. Architect – ‘nah, you can’t build within 1m of your neighbours boundary”. Plan B – a rear extension, was a non starter from the off, so our architect suggested a loft conversion. Not exactly what we’d planned but we desperately needed a 4th bedroom and he seemed confident planning consent wouldn’t be an issue. 6 months, 1 appeal and quite a bit of cash later the plan was rejected. Not only had our hope for a 4th room disappeared but so had the architect.

It was two years later that I spotted a new shop on the high street – Asset. On a bit of a whim I called and Terry agreed to come around and view our property within 24 hours. Terry’s suggestion was a garage conversion. I explained the problems we had with the previous architect and Terry put us in touch with Asset's own in house architect. This was a far smoother process and within 3 months approval was granted for our garage conversion. This was to include a bedroom with en-suite.

Next I was introduced to Chris the lead builder and his team. They could start within three weeks. Much quicker than we’d expected! In fact the timing was great as we were going on holiday for two weeks during the build and felt happy leaving Chris and his team with the keys to get on with things whilst we were away.

We were delighted on return from holiday that gone was the slightly dilapidated garage (which we never used!!) and in its place a superbly constructed pitched roof garage conversion. The team of electricians, plumbers, plasterers and bathroom fitter had transformed the space. All of our thoughts and ideas had been taken care of and the project was finished within days of the estimated build time.

After our previous experience with a somewhat rogue architect it was great to find Asset who were able to manage the project from design through to completion. The cost of the build was very fair for the work undertaken. It was also great that the payment plan only involved paying post delivery of each major phase. Not that we ever had any reason to quibble!

We’ve now got the 4 bedroom house we needed without having to move and incur stamp duty, solicitors fees and so on. By using a company with a proven track record with a best in class team our home project was delivered beyond our best hopes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a garage conversion to others looking to widen their home footprint and nor would I hesitate in recommending Asset.”

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