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3 Top Considerations for Staircases

Updated: Jan 24

The staircase is an important but often overlooked feature of any loft conversion project. As well as providing access to the upper floors of your home, the staircase is also important from a visual and aesthetic standpoint.

As a result, there are many variables you must consider when designing a staircase for your loft conversion. In this post, we highlight 3 of the most important factors you need to think about for your new staircase.

1. Who will be using the staircase?

One of the first factors you need to consider when designing the staircase for your loft conversion is who will be using the staircase and their unique needs, as the staircase will need to be designed around its users. For example, if children or elderly residents will be using the stairs, handrails and landing plates can be incorporated into the design to make sure the stairs are easy to use for all.

2. Is the staircase safe?

The safety of your stairs is an essential consideration, and The UK's current Building Regulations set out how to create a safe staircase design for your loft conversion. They state the minimum width requirements and that there shouldn't be any gaps that exceed 100mm. This prevents youngsters from climbing through the balusters and makes sure your staircase is as safe and secure as possible.

3. What is your budget?

The final consideration you need to take into account is the budget for your new staircase. This will determine which style and materials you can use for your stairs. For instance, steel typically costs more than wood and spiral staircases are usually more expensive than straight. We can help you design a staircase that suits your style and doesn't break your budget.

A few of the staircases we've installed as part of recent loft conversion projects.

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