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How to Match Materials on Your Extension

Updated: Jan 24

An extension can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. An extension can create extra space whilst adding value to your property, without the hassle and expense of moving house.

Making sure you get the design and materials right is one of the key factors to ensuring a successful extension project. That's why, in this short guide, we offer our expert tips and tricks for matching materials on your extension to help you achieve your dream space.

Blending in

One of the major problems when designing a new extension is poor material matches. Your extension is unlikely to achieve an attractive look if the materials don't match and you can see that the extension is a later addition to your property. In the worst cases, this can ruin the aesthetic of the whole property.

Hence, if you want the new addition to blend into your existing property, you need to start by selecting the appropriate bricks and roof coverings. It can be very tough to match brick closely because each batch can differ in style.

This is even harder if your property is old and built from very specific local stone. Therefore, you should try to get as close as you possibly can to your existing property in terms of the colour, size, texture and bond of the material.

If necessary, you could look into using reclaimed bricks from a similar era as your home as the natural ageing of these materials can make them a much better fit. One important thing to keep in mind here, though, is that you must ensure that the bricks are of good quality.

Another option you could use is brick tinting. This can help to change the colour of the new bricks so they match the old ones. As a result, the new addition will look like part of the old property.


It can be just as tricky to make the roof cover on the extension match the existing one. Again, you can take the time to choose matching materials or use reclaimed ones.

In addition, you can use different sprays or stains to change the colour so that it better matches the existing roof.

One final factor to keep in mind is that a slight difference in the roofing will be less noticeable than the walls because the surface is always seen from further away.

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If you are thinking about enhancing your home with an extension but are worried about getting the materials right, contact us today and our team can guide you through the whole design process, including material selection, to help make your dream extension a reality.

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