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5 Top Design Tips For Extensions

Updated: Jan 23

The most successful extensions perfectly balance the right combination of function and aesthetics. An extension should enhance the existing property and provide as much value as possible to your home.

At Asset Lofts, we can help you to achieve this. As one of the best builders in Slough and surrounding areas, our full design and build service ensures you receive first-rate support on your extension project from start to finish.

If you are planning an extension, we've put together 5 top tips that will help you achieve the perfect design to enhance your home.

A recently completed Asset Design and Build kitchen extension

1. Maximise Storeys

When designing your extension, you'll need to consider how many storeys you want it to have. Most extensions are single-storey, but it may offer more value for your property to build two storeys.

This can maximise the value of the extension and give you the most additional floor space for your investment. Keep in mind that building the foundations is usually the most expensive part of a project, so if you can get two storeys for your extension your money will go much further.

2. Increase Ceiling Space

High ceilings are a great feature of any home as they can make rooms look and feel more open and spacious. There is much scope to add high ceilings with extensions because of the ability to excavate downwards or build up. When designing your extension, make sure to consider ceiling height so that you maximise your space.

3. Optimise Privacy

An extension can impact your property's privacy because you are likely to be extending the building out so it is closer to your neighbours. However, there are several ways you can design your extension so that you maintain a level of privacy.

One design trick to optimise your extension for privacy is to choose obscured glazing for your windows and doors. Likewise, skylights or roof lanterns are also an excellent option to enhance the privacy of your home.

4. Consider a Cantilever

Many homeowners want to add an extension to their home but don't want to lose the land beside their property. A great solution to this is a cantilevered extension. A cantilevered extension will float above the ground on the second storey, leaving the ground below free to be utilised however you wish.

5. Enhance your Exterior

You have several options when it comes to how to design the exterior of your extension. Most homeowners try to make sure that their extension suits and complements their existing property, in a way that celebrates the architecture and enhances their current home.

While this is a great option, you could also think about giving the whole exterior a makeover to give your home a brand new lease of life. Here you can enhance the entire building and add a lot of value to your property.

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